Bricktile Magic was founded in 2006 by Juaan Myburgh after realizing the high cost of maintenance on his home. He had some rising damp problems and had to paint on a regular basis.

The idea come to mind that if he had a face brick house maintenance would not be such a problem, and this the concept of a facebrick tiles only 9mm thin could solve the problem and you have the same qualities as an original fired clay brick.

Bricktile Magic was born on this concept of solving maintenance problems on properties with our 9mm bricktile, cut from real facebricks with a lifetime guarantee!

Fired Clay Bricks cut into 9mm tiles gives a lifetime product and a facebrick finish without the rebuild necessary!

The company have since grown into a world class producer of the famous 9mm Bricktile. The applications of the bricktile also became a very lucrative business and in 2015 the BTM Franchise concept was born.